Women Are Gamechangers Won A Seed Grant From PeopleFund

So you all know I entered a Seed Grant competition through PeopleFund. I was told of this competition through a contact I made via LinkedIn. The power of developing a business relationship through networking, right?

Anyway, it took me a couple of weeks to actually figure out how I would make the video. At the event, I did ask last year’s winner if they had to do a video and she said “No.” So that would explain my panic on having no example.

Well I took a couple of days to really ensure that I provided in-depth (in a 3-5 minute video, of course) what Women Are Gamechangers is, does and how the grant will help to expand. Needless to say I was the first one to post on their Facebook page. That also made me nervous. I guess someone had to be first, right?

Like within 48 hours, I received a tweet saying I won. I checked Facebook and my email. I did win the seed grant from PeopleFund. I contacted them immediately to receive the information and let them know I would attend the East Night Artist Summit & Celebration. It just happened to be the day after the Texas Conference for Women. So I was already going to be in Austin. Win-Win for me.

I arrived at the summit around 1p and people knew who I was. First it really was at a lumber yard. They transformed the space. So creative to have a summit and awards banquet at a woman-owned lumber yard. Later I found out my picture was on every table. I wasn’t very observant until several people pointed it out to me. I need to really pay more attention to table decorations, huh?

I spoke with several people including the Executive Director and for the first time all questions were about Women Are Gamechangers. During the day there were breakout sessions and two keynote speakers. Later that evening was the awards banquet.

So what did I learn at the East Night Artist Summit & Celebration…

John the Morning Keynote speaker said one thing that stuck out with me. “High value equals high profit.” I know I’ve probably heard that before but this time it really hit home. I guess since I had just held WAGC Bootcamp and attended the Texas Conference for Women within the past week. All of these golden nuggets were clicking together in my head. I was already working on some new services in my head but it really put into perspective what would benefit you ladies the most.

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At the first panel I attended, the one thing I took away was to be careful expanding too fast. It could have an adverse affect to your bottomline. I was so excited to expand WAGC to other cities but after hearing some stories of companies that no longer exist made me hesitant  I’m still expanding but will be extremely careful and strategic when doing so for 2013.

There were other things I learned but these two really put into perspective what Women Are Gamechangers needs to focus on.

Later that evening at the awards banquet I met last year’s winner as well as some interesting entrepreneurs. And ate several cake balls. Yes, they had cake balls. I couldn’t resist trying every flavor and they were delish.

While they were speaking about WAGC I was sitting listening not knowing I was supposed to be on stage. LOL. Well I hurried, not really, to get there. I didn’t want to fall in my heels. Plus I had to walk up some stairs to get to the podium.

I received my award which is uber nice. And a nice check to go along with it. I ran to the bank the next morning to deposit it with a quickness.

I received many congrats from different people. I truly enjoyed my time in Austin. I can truly say Austin is a place Women Are Gamechangers needs to be. These ladies are wanting  a unique experience that only Fusion can deliver.

Well that’s the short version. I encourage you to seek out seed grants to help you get your business off the ground as well. The money is nice but the connections you make along the way can open even more doors.

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  2. Don’t know if I ever officially said, CONGRATULATIONS!!! But know that I am forever proud to know you and I know you truly deserve it!

  3. Congratulations Vernetta, how wonderful for you and Women Are Gamechangers! I’m looking forward to the Seed Grants chat on Facebook too. I will definitely share this with my network too!

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