Why I’m Obsessed With Periscope

Finally a platform that works for my chattiness yet keeps the conversation intimate. Why Fusion Tour was created. I’m always asked so many questions about how I turned my blog into a business, how I find speaking engagements and so much more. A lot of that I created resources to help you within your budget. So check those out. 

Back to why I’m obsessed with Periscope. Well you’ll have to watch and see why. 

I can tell you this. Periscope is the platform I’m going to explore more to bring more awareness to WAGC. I began with Facebook. That was nice. Lots of engagement then you know they changed their algorithm. Youtube was great for people to get to know me and more of how WAGC could help the. Twitter brought up to another level with our weekly Twitter chats. Now here’s Periscope. And the possibilities are infinite. 

So take this journey with us and join our Periscope shows