Whitney Houston…Purpose Fulfilled

Yesterday was the shocking passing of one of the greatest voices ever. Whitney Houston possessed a gift that many artist can only dream about. She was able to share her gift with the world, have them appreciate and love her for that gift. But like many of us she was human. The choices of life are difficult for everyone. No matter what choice she made, she should not be sullied due to them.

She made them and she also strived to correct them as well. That showed that she forgave them and forgave herself. If she can do that so can we. But her purpose was to share her gift of singing. Her voice could move a person to tears. Her voice had such power that could allow her listeners to feel the emotions of the words she sang.

Not only was Whitney a blessed and gifted singer she was also an actresses who appeared in movies that showed her in such ways that most women could relate to her character or at least knew someone like her character. Today the Grammy Awards have said they would pay tribute to her legacy, career and gift. I truly hope they deliver on the level in which Whitney was accustomed to performing.

The lessons we can learn from Whitney Houston is that when you have a God-talent you should share it regardless of what others think or say about you. You should also be careful who you allow to have any type of influence in your life. The most important lesson is that you never know when your purpose has been completed. So take each moment you are with the ones you love and appreciate, show and tell them how you feel about them.

Thank you Whitney Houston for sharing your God-given gift with the world. You are now singing in God’s Heavenly Choir. May your soul be at rest knowing that you were loved, appreciated and celebrated for sharing the gift God blessed you with. I personally Thank you for bringing life to the words you sang that helped me to feel the emotion and message behind the words. I will always remember you for your voice and amazing talent. Sleep well and know that we are keeping your family in our prayers as they grieve you going home to be with God.

 What lesson did you learn from Whitney Houston’s life and gift?

Whitney is singing with the angels now.

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