We Can’t Be Silent With A Platform

I would like to thank Luvvie for calling out black bloggers who have been silent. We may not have written before today but we haven’t been silent. We just haven’t been as vocal as we should be either. We can’t be silent with a platform such as ours. It’s just wrong on so many levels. 

It’s up to any and everyone who has a platform to continue to share the message that hate does not belong in this country. Let alone thrown continuously at African Americans. We will not be silent as we watch in horror what’s happening around this country.

Now my tweets may not be spelled correctly as I was writing as I thought. But the message is the same,


It has been hard to put into words what has been happening over the last few years in this country. We did write about Trayvon Martin tragic and senseless death. But since then it seems as if we are being bombarded by constant attacks towards African Americans.

It’s hard to say it’s not happening. Or it hasn’t always been happening. I think social media has helped to amplify what has continued for decades unnoticed.

As an African American woman, I’m appalled, disheartened and outraged yet feel as if all I’m in now is in a constant state of hurt emotions.

Who wants to live that way?

My heart and prayers go out to the families of all the victims.

But as a blogger who has a platform I’ve decided this blog will begin to shed light on what’s happening in this country. We will share stories of women who have been touched by the travesty that has been happening and who are fighting to make things better.

Who stand for justice for ALL.

We ask that you speak up in some way. Anyway that you feel suits you. But speak up. Don’t allow this tyranny to continue in what’s supposed to be a democratic society. These acts of terrorism do not belong in America.