Was Your Business Profitable in 2015?

I remember hosting my very first Fusion event May 2012 or my bootcamp October 2012. I was a nervous wreck. I also remember how much planning I did. But most people don’t know I have planned events since middle school. So the planning part was easy for me. However, I know it’s not easy for most people. 

What to do? How to negotiate price? How to market the event? These are all legitimate concerns especially when events are a great way to build your own platform and position yourself as an authority in your niche.  

I broke down each planning step you need to take in order to make your event look and feel seamless to your guests/attendees. 

But wait!

How do I fund my event? I’m so glad you asked. 

Fusion Tour was actually funded by a seed grant. Which means we won money to pay for our event. That freed us up from having to rob Peter to pay Paul and peace of mind that we had money to spend how we wanted to. 

Now we did spend it smart, though. But I want to know why aren’t you going after seed grants to fund your events? Or sponsors? We have some info on that too in the Funding eCourse. 

One or both of these courses are a great way for you to actually plan out something amazing for your business in 2016. 

If you’re comfortable where your business is, then these products aren’t for you. But if you have a vision for your business you want to be a reality, then get these products. You have seen the proof that what I’m selling you I used to great results. There is evidence online. You can track down people to verify. I am sharing with you what I know to be beneficial, profitable and effective with you. 

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