WAGC Bootcamp~ Lessons Learned, Lessons Shared

I originally was going to title this post “Why I Allowed Myself To Fail.” You may ask why? Well there are so many reasons why I felt that way. But I can say it was only God who sent an article late one evening to me to read.

In short, it stated that sometimes the event you are organizing is not about making money but about the information the attendees came to receive. So that let me rest easy knowing the content the attendees received would be on point even if I didn’t make the profit I expected to make. And there were a lot of factors that I’ll let you in on later in this post.





But the response both during the event and online stated that the content was necessary. I was glad that many people found answers to their questions. But most importantly, we were able to give Excellent TEEN Choice, Inc their Seed Donation check.

The months, yes months. 6 months to be exact were both challenging and knowledgeable  I learned so many lessons along the way and several times wanted to call the entire bootcamp off. But I was committed to see it through. #1 I had already put it out there and didn’t want to seem like a failure.

Yes, I was scared of what others would think. Another reason I wanted to see what would happen. I wanted that lesson. I have heard several times that you need to fail early and fast. That way you learn how to better do things in the future.

Was I expecting myself to fail? I guess you could say that in a sense. I had conflicted thoughts for months on the bootcamp and I know that negative energy went off into the universe. So I brought that on myself.

But first I want to share one takeaway from each of the other speakers. Then I’ll share more of what I learned while putting together the biggest event I’ve organized for WAGC to date. Also if you scroll all the way down you can read the tweets from that day.

LaRachelle Smith spoke on Social Media Marketing. LaRachelle made a great case for having a podcast or blog talk radio show. With more and more phones equipped with technology and people wanting something to do during their down time, it would make sense to have a show showcasing your expertise. This allows you to capture more clients using a new medium.

Tonya Hofmann poised a question. She asked, “How many people want a $10k client? Now how many of you have a package for a $10k client?” Well, needless to say no one in the room did. That challenged me to create one. And I’ve been working on it since that day. It makes sense to have a package that will attract clients who are willing to pay more for quality service.

Do you have a $10k package for your business?

Jamie Fleming-Dixon, a gamechanger, was unable to attend in person but made a video to share her expertise with us. Jamie shared how important it is to understand your audience. Many people, myself included, just jump right into things. We do not take into account what our audience needs or wants to hear. I know my audience now and the transition to get there was not easy.

Shalanda Turner, many of you know as a Gamechanger and guest writer on WAGC, is Ms. Fashion in Houston. Her presentation on Being the Authority in Your Niche was ah-mazing. I mean she broke it down on what you need to do to be the voice online in your niche. What is impressive is how she showed the many brand relationships she has received due to her blog. If you are a blogger, she is the person you want to reach out to.

Alexandra Velez closed the bootcamp on how to optimize your online activities. She stated you need to ensure that your call to action needs to have a distinct cut, clarity, standout color and carat weight like a diamond. That I’m also working on. I haven’t been as successful as I wanted to with my call to action.

So back to lessons I learned. I learned that competitors will do anything to destroy you. Yes, I said it. But no matter what you must stay focused on your lane ahead. I was devastated that certain so-called business associates would purposely hold events on the same day when I personally (that means told them face-to-face) about my event 5 months prior. And 2 weeks before my event they all of a sudden held one as well. hmmm……..business is cut throat.

That made me really think of how competitive business is. I believe I made a video about that.

I also learned that I jumped the gun. I should have waited another year to host WAGC Bootcamp. I did not have the presence to pull in the numbers if there was a conflict in schedule like there were this year. I needed to do more and show more of what I could do to gain people’s trust that WAGC Bootcamp was worth the investment.

Oh well. I learned an expensive lesson and for that I’m grateful. I now know what I will and will not do for 2013. I also learned that networking is my strength and planning Fusion Tour is what I’ll be more passionate about. Besides I’m not a social media strategist and I don’t want people to put me in that category. I feel if I do another bootcamp focused on social media, people will mistakenly think I focus on social media. I know I did in the past but I have since stop providing those services.

So what did I learn from all of this? To not do something just becuase others say you are good at it. Because it costs me money, time and sleep to pull it off. Stick with what I know and passionate about. Continue to grow within my niche. Eventually people will notice all the work put in and will join my movement.

What is your biggest failure in business?

What did you learn?

How did you get over it?

Comment below.

You can read the wagcbootcamp tweets from that day.

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  7. I think the boot camp was great! As an event planner I have learned about jumping the gun and trying to do things I wasn’t necessarily ready for. Often times I got the job done, but at my own expense, (tired, physical exhausted, dehydration,medication). Yes people were satisfied, but the road to getting to success was one that was too rocky, and didn’t have to be that way, had I made sure this was a great fit for me. No I know, that even though I may need the business, I can pass it off if it is not good for my health or my sanity. I can refer this business to other event planners, who sometimes send me smaller projects. I’m glad that I learned this early on, so that I can use this lesson later on. Back to the boot-camp the information was so awesome! I still overwhelmed with the ideas I have from being inspired by your speakers…it was truly needed. As for the numbers, things grow and I know that the next event you have will be successful. Since, I was helped tremendously with the 1st annual event and I would be willing to help with anything I can with the next event!

    • Thank you Taylor for the feedback. Oh how I learned I jumped the gun. But I tend to do that. But I learned an expensive lesson that will help me in the future. And since I know an event planner, hint hint, I will reach out to you about my Gala for 2013.

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