Sophia Nelson

How Did Sophia Nelson Get Started?

I hosted a short lived Talk Show in Houston the summer of 2013. While I truly enjoyed the experience, I loved what my guests shared even more. I want to share with you 3 of the interviews that you can definitely learn from. These 4 businesses are not only growing at rapid speed but the ladies behind each of these 4 businesses focus is helping women in some capacity. So I hope you like our series, “How They Got Started.”

Last week we listened to Kristi Jackson of Women CEO Project.

Sophia Nelson is one of the women I admire most. I love that she always stands in her truth no matter what. She also holds not just other women but herself responsible to foster a community of sisterhood.

Sophia Nelson

I took a chance and tweeted Sophia to be a guest on my show. After some emails back and forth with her publisher (at the time she was promoting Black Women Redefined) she was a guest. Word of advice: if you ever want something, just ask for it.

What I learned most from this interview is your story matters to this world. What we contribute is what makes a real difference. All of our past experiences prepares us for our purpose. The skills we acquire over time can be used to brand who we are as an individual separate from our job or business.