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Periscope vs. YouTube: Which Suits Your Audience Best?

So Periscope is the new social media craze and believe it or not, but it’s not a fad. It is the wave of the future. This is one of the best ways to authentically connect with your audience/clients/customers without having to meet them in person. Save some gas money.

Many entrepreneurs aren’t exactly sure how to use it for the benefit of their business. There is no one way to use this platform. As someone who used YouTube in 2012 to build a following that eventually transferred over to my national tour, Fusion Tour, as attendees I know the power of video. Now I’m seeing limitless possibilities with Periscope.

Well what exactly is the difference?


•Video lasts for only 24 hours
•Instant interaction with your audience (they can comment as you speak ONLY live or touch their screens to give you hearts which is similar to likes on Facebook)
•Can be impromptu (no professional video shooting required) and shot from anywhere in the world.
•You can’t share the screen unless the other person is next to you literally.
•10 days within launch there were 1 million users (meaning there is a lot of room for you to stake claim as the expert in your industry/niche)


•Video lasts until you or Youtube takes it down.
•The only interaction is after your video is posted and viewers leave comments.
•Videos are usually planned. (most videos are shot looking professional in quality)
•A lot of Youtubers have created some type of “set” to brand their videos.
•There are 300 hours of video uploaded every minute.

women are gamechangers

Which video platform will resonate with your audience best?

This is where playing, I mean testing out both to see which gains better results. Remember you have to give them some time before you decide either or neither is for your business. Get more marketing power from your video by actually shooting a video.

Here’s a tip: Save your Periscope videos to your phone, dropbox, tablet or iPad. Then upload it to Youtube to preserve the life of your scope.