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Periscope Pop Up Biz Party

Perisocpe, What’s Periscope?

I’m so glad you asked.

Periscope is this new social media platform I’m obsessing over along with a lot of other people. This is the first time I’ve been an early adopter of a social media platform. I’ve done my research and ready to use it in my online strategy.

So how will I use this?

Well, I will do a pop up party every single day in August. Yes, that includes Sundays and we all know I reserve that day for unplugging. But I want to share and chat with you. There is so much content out there on how to make money which is great. However, many people jump into entrepreneurship not really understanding HOW to run their business. By this I mean the behind the scenes grunt work no one likes to deal with. I also want to chat about how we limit our options based on the audience we target with our products and services. I know my audience can have numerous limitations but I refuse that to be a hindrance to my business success and profitability.

All while doing these daily pop up parties, I will launch a new resource for Women Are Gamechangers. It will help you learn HOW to work with the state of Texas. Join the FREE 6 day email course to learn more as well. You wouldn’t believe what the state is looking for as far as products and services. One of them just may be something you sell. Again take those limitations off.

state contracts make you rich

So join me on Periscope and let’s chat about making August the month we stop playing entrepreneur and act like one with a revenue focused mindset. Find me on Periscope @WomenAreGamechangers. It’s time for real business talk and to leave the fluff for others to trip over.

See you on the scope.
 Pop Up Biz Party