ABT First African American Principal Ballerina

Misty Copeland Mania Hit Houston

Just a few short days ago Misty Copeland came to Houston for a LIVE Q & A. Let’s just say it was a packed house for a 2p event on a Monday. Even though the conversation lasted about 90 some odd minutes I’m sure every dancer at heart young and old will always remember the words shared.

It was great to have Lauren Anderson on stage with Misty. Lauren is hilarious yet extremely passionate about bringing diversity to the world of classical ballet. Both Misty and Lauren are dedicated to being vocal for more diversity in the exclusive classical ballet world.

If you haven’t read Misty’s memoir, then I’m not sure if we can talk, lol. It was one of the best memoirs I’ve ever read. So much so that it’ll kick off our #BrunchandBooks series on Periscope Sunday at 10a. The recaps for those Periscopes can be found on my personal blog.

I want to leave you with 3 key things that resonated with me. Then you can see how Misty mania took over Houston with about 100 tweets.

  1. When Lauren Anderson said she called Misty after her first performance in Swan Lake and told her, “YOU ARE ENOUGH.” We all need to take that in, meditate on it and believe it.
  2. When both Misty and Lauren got choked up at the lack of diversity in classical ballet yet they know so many talented dancers who can shine if given the opportunity.
  3. How Misty stated she’s working on making the history of black ballet dancers more known to those who aren’t familiar with this exclusive world.

This community event was more than just a Q & A with one of the most celebrated ballerinas in History. It was a presentation to showcase to the beautiful little girls coming after us that, YES, they can do and be anything they put their mind to and commit to doing.