@mistyonpointe ABT’s First African American Principal Ballerina

As I continue my goal of reading memoirs of women I admire I was excited to read Life in Motion by Misty Copeland. I know of her. I have heard sound bites but I haven’t really read about her journey to ballet stardom until a few weeks ago.

ABT First African American Principal Ballerina

I was completely surprised that her journey has been so well documented but we also have a lot of similarities. She’s a quiet person who gets anxious when dealing with change and uncertainty. I can completely relate to that. Reading about Misty’s journey and her inner emotional battle is something I struggle with on a daily basis. I tend to overthink every decision I must make both personally and professionally.

If nothing else I was able to takeaway that despite obstacles because they will continue to come I must stay focused on my ultimate end goal. Staying focused on my ultimate end goal will help me not be deterred as often as I am.

Yesterday, we learned that Misty Copeland became American Ballet Theatre’s first African American Principal Ballerina. If you’ve read her memoir then you will know that has always been her end goal since she watched a VHS of her first ballet.

She danced in Debbie Allen’s The Chocolate Nutcracker as a teen as well as got into some prestigious summer ballet programs. But the biggest surprise to come before yesterday’s annoucment was when she was sitting in a dance class at the Dance Theatre of Harlem and received the news that she was chosen in the second act to dance ‘Firebird.’ To her that was what she worked so hard for since she was 14 years old was to dance a dance that she watched one of her idols dance years before.

Do you remember the moment you knew your purpose/true calling in life?

This blog is all about celebrating the everyday woman. And today we celebrate the achievements of Misty Copeland. Congrats to her on reaching this monumental milestone.  

What makes Misty Copeland a Gamechanger?

Her undeterred will to reach the crème de la crème of American Ballet.