Merry Christmas from Women Are Gamechangers {Vintage Post}

Merry Christmas from Women Are Gamechangers 2012.

Merry Christmas from Women Are Gamechangers 2012.

Merry Christmas Gamechangers. This week I’m taking off to spend time with the ones I love. I hope you do the same. So this will be the last post of 2012. Can you believe how fast this year went by?

Beginning January 1st you’ll see a change in content and how content is shared on WAGC. I will have a weekly video tip, cover more events that you will want to attend, continue featuring gamechangers and yes the guest posts will still be here.

Don’t you just love the different perspectives shared. I feel this is the best way to begin to develop relationships. The more we get to see who people are online the more comfortable we begin to feel about meeting offline and/or doing business with that person. Our guest series will continue with WAGC Bootcamp speakers and sponsors this month. February guest post series will be sweet and lovely.

And in March you will learn all about your finances and money. We need to know these things lady. People keep emailing about guest writing. I will open that back up to the community in April. So get your words ready. I want to start connecting you to the gamechanger community.

I love the variety of women featured as a gamechanger. There stories inspire me to continue to do what I love. I’m mixing it up. Gamechangers will be different ethnicities, ages, occupations, etc. Gamechangers are not monolithic so this site won’t be either. I would like to add some spice to how I feature the gamechangers. So send in your ideas. In September (anniversary month) the changes will be announced.

I’m excited about all the events I’m already going to attend next year. It’s going to be great sharing what I learned. Even if you can’t travel to them. I would advise you to attend the nearest Spark and Hustle (say I referred you). It will be well worth your investment. And I’m so excited to be a Host for Houston next year.

I’m positioning myself to be placed in front of a wider audience. I really learned some key things this year while there and will discuss more about that actually next week on the blog. So look out for that. I’m also going to Atlanta and a few more exciting events. Can’t wait to share those as well.

Well I started a video series this year. It went well. I learned some key things about how to make it more efficient and effective for you. So beginning January 1, I will share a quick tip that relates to networking, starting a business, building your community, creating your voice, etc. Hopefully the tips I share will help you on your journey. I’m only sharing what I’ve personally done myself. I will also share some things that didn’t go as well so you can learn from that too.

Posts will still run Tuesday through Thursday only. And the monthly chats will be back. Catch me the 1st Monday on Facebook and 3rd Monday on Twitter. All times are 7p central. Engage with the other community members. This is a great way to showcase your expertise while beginning new relationships. If you miss it, then catch the recap on the blog the 3rd Wednesday of every month.

I also want to say I am now writing for Madame Noire Business so check out what I’ve written so far. The topics I write about will vary over there but all still related to business. That’s just part of my bigger marketing plan. And I’ll share that in the video series next year.

2013 is going to be OUR year. Gamechangers you ready? 


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