Love in Abundance + Michael Jackson Tribute = Thriller

Love in Abundance

By now you know as a former educator, I love empowering and mentoring youth. The organizations I have featured over the last few months are definitely what I want to continue to support. So much so that we’re hosting our 1st Annual Gamechanger Fundraising Gala October 6. Put it on your calendar to attend or just donate because you too care about the youth of tomorrow.

So June 23, 2012 I had the pleasure of getting my ticket to the Houston Tribute  to Michael Jackson and attending. It is an annual fundraiser for local organizations. This year the Down Syndrome Association of Houston, Get-up and Go Girls and of course, Love in Abundance were the benefactors. All of the act were amazingly good. Groups sang, danced and even the Down Syndrome Association adult Pantomime Troupe performed. I truly enjoyed the 2 hours of the show. I mean Houston has some real talented people here.

I met the Executive Director via LinkedIn and she attended Fusion. Well since then I have wanted to learn more about her organization and we have also supported one another. The #1 reason I support Love in Abundance is the fact that Vickie saw a need within her own family and knew other children needed love and attention after divorce. How many people wish there was a specific organization like this after your parent’s divorce? I know right.

She decided to help assist single parent families by starting her nonprofit. Now I didn’t get a chance to speak with the girls who performed because it was an actual show going on but I do know Love in Abundance has a lot coming up in the next few months. I will be supporting. So if you are in Houston, support Love in Abundance. We have to ensure that Vickie’s mission of college prep starting in 8th grade is understood by the girls and supported by the community.

Support an organization close to your interests in your community.

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