HUB Vendor Fair 2015

So last week I attended the HUB Vendor Fair 2015 at the University of Houston. This was a great opportunity to see the different types of businesses that can and want to work with the state of Texas. It was also an opportunity to see firsthand that any type of business can get a state contract if they position themselves just right. That and have the foundation to handle that type of contract. I was able to speak with a few different types of businesses to give you insight into who can get a state contract. But I want to leave you with this,

If you can sell to 1 person, then you can sell to the state.

Check out the different entrepreneurs we spoke to at the HUB Vendor Fair 2015. 

Yes, there is more to it than just selling. But I created a template to help you get certified and understand how to write proposals that attract the YES you need. 

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