Are You Leveraging Your Connections?

Are you leveraging your connections when you attend an event for free? Truth be told most people do not. They collect the cards which I say you should not and then never follow up.

To get the most out of leveraging your time at an event, you must have a strategy on how to maximize your time. I personally have 3 people I want to connect with. Then I follow up with them. This allows me to go for quality connections over quantity. And I am able to leave a better impression because I spent a few more minutes with each person.

Now last week we talked about how to get into events for free. But most people stop there. They never push past what free can do for you. I don’t believe in getting everything for free.

I do run a business and want you to pay for my services but if you get into an event for free then make the most of it.

How to Leverage Connections

Here are a few things I have been able to leverage for my business getting into events for free:

  • I went from volunteer to speaker at the Texas Conference for Women.
  • I have a possible sponsor for my 2014 Gamechanger Gala by volunteering at a conference recently.
  • I formed a good relationship with a well known blogger who also blogs for one of the biggest magazines for women when I blogged for an event.

These are just a few of the ways I have been able to leverage getting into events for free.

Being a part of an event is one of the best ways to reach high powered people. You have access that attendees are not usually afforded. You also need to use this time to showcase your strengths to really catch the eye of the person you want to connect with most.

If you missed how to leverage connections, do the following:

  • Be present at the event.
  • Have a strategy.
  • Follow up.

It seems simple but most people never get to the event. Don’t let not having money be a hurdle you don’t jump over. You have a list of ways to get in free so you can make those high powered connections.