Gamechangers Are Crafting Their Stories And So Should You

Over this past year, we’ve shared many stories of women across this country who are doing amazing things turning their obstacles into opportunities. As we close out this series for the year, I want to take time to share how Gamechangers are crafting their stories. And why you should also?

— Vanessa K. De Luca (@Vanessa_KDeLuca) April 15, 2015


While every single woman on this cover inspires me immensely, I know the story they will leave behind will be filled with courage in the face of fear and adversity. That’s how we all should live.

If you take time to look at what you find fault in your life’s experience, you’ll find your gem. This is where so many people get lost. Have you ever heard…

“Your message is in your mess.”


That means what we see as obstacles are actually opportunities not only for growth but for inspiring others along their journey. That’s after we overcame them, of course. People have told me I inspire them.


They continually see me going after the vision I’ve been given. The journey I’ve taken with Women Are Gamechangers over the last 4 years has been one of excitement, disappointment and doubt. But I never gave up. I may have taken breaks to regroup or refine my focus, but I never gave up. This story has already impacted many lives and I hope it continues to do so.  

What I’ve learned from looking at my life’s experiences that have created my story is this:

  • No one can see your vision but you so don’t try to give them your viewpoint.
  • You will feel as if you are constantly changing directions when in reality you are growing into the Gamechanger you are meant to be.


  • Own who you are. No one should be given power to tell you who you are.

I’m writing a memoir about my journey on this path of being a Gamechanger. Many of you have asked to take a peak into my life behind the dashboard of this blog. Well, I’m going to share what it’s really like. You may be surprised to know the struggles and successes in my life’s story. I think if you knew what people go through behind the scenes to get where they are, you wouldn’t think some opportunities came easy to them. Sometimes we work for years for the opportunity you may be jealous another person received. Looking to others for inspiration while it makes you feel good won’t get you where you want to be.

In the mean time, I want each Gamechanger to continue to…

  • Live your story,
  • Create opportunities from your obstacles, and


  • Unleash the Gamechanger Within.

 If you haven’t noticed the world is all buzz about sharing and living your story. That’s because the world has finally realized that this is the way to live life in today’s society.

So do it.

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