Gamechanger Story: Why I Felt I Could Do It Better

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Amy RobinetteAfter attending a lot of networking groups for women I just felt I was not getting what I needed from these groups. I felt that I was always being sold to and no one really wanted to get to know me.

The women in these groups did not seem to be concerned about building relationships or learning about how to move their business forward.

So I started Women Helping Women 2 Network in 2014 and already have an online community of 4000.

Why I started monthly meetings was for women to come together, empower each other and to learn from each other.

Networking can be horrible at times, as to why we started Fusion Tour. But, Amy decided not to allow the negative aspects of networking prohibit her from building relationships. She set out to show, ‘I can do it better.” And that she is doing.

Why do you feel your story matters?

I feel that women need to know how to do business. There are so many issues that we do not realize such as expenses, business plans, social media management and more. We need to know how to help each other through our business experiences and share.

What makes you a Gamechanger?

There is such great synergy when women work together and I try to bring that into my networking groups.

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