Gamechanger of the Month~ Karla Romero


Karla Romero

Wishing Karla Romero luck in her 2010 run for U.S. Congress

  Karla Romero is running for U.S. Congress. You may all remember her from her post, U.S. Congress Hopeful Karla Romero. We met via  my Facebook page and so glad we did. I was able to see who she was. I’m impressed and wish more politicians have a heart for the people. She does everything she can to ensure her community in Boston, MA is not only getting her best but the best advocacy. She is definitely a young woman who needs to go to Capitol Hill and make some major Gamechanger moves. Don’t you agree? So now watch Karla’s story.

Karla Romero continues to garner support in MA as she runs for Congress in the 7th District of MA. Ms. Romero is now one of 298 women across America running for a seat in the House of Representatives setting a new record. Karla Romero is a GAME CHANGER in politics, she has already set an historic  record in MA as the first woman of color to run for Congress.

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