Gamechanger of the Month~ Claire Brummell

Claire BrummellClaire Brummell is our first gamechanger from outside of the United States. She is from the UK. She is empowering and inspiring women from all over the world through her coaching business Feminine 1st. She has clients that have drastically changed their lives for the better because of her help.

An excerpt about Claire:

Through her company, Feminine 1st, she works with women all over the world to help them recognise the power in embracing their femininity while still being true to themselves.  You know how a lot of women feel stressed and overwhelmed and like they have to do everything perfectly often feeling that they have to adopt the role of ‘superwoman’ or worse ‘superman’ to cope with their lives? Well through Feminine 1st she helps women to remove the pressure and release the struggle for control and perfection that so many of us experience.

Have you ever quit a job to live your life’s purpose?

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