“Fall” Into Funding Your Business

The end of this month corporations close their books for their fiscal year.

What is the one thing that most small businesses and entrepreneurs struggle with? 

If you answered, cashflow, you’re correct. 
There are many ways we can get an infusion of money into our business that can help us stay afloat. We can get loans, investors and raise money on kickstarter. But how often is that successful? 

Have you looked into alternative funding sources such as Seed Grants and corporate sponsorship?

Unlike the previous options stated, once you receive money from them you don’t have to pay it back. And they don’t have a say in how you spend it. Now remember this with a Seed Grant and Corporate Sponsorship you have to do what you said you will do. It sounds easy but there is a little more to it than that. 

Women Are Gamechangers won a Seed Grant in 2012 and that is what funded Fusion Tour. After winning I soon learned that a lot of entrepreneurs were completely kept in the dark about the millions of dollars out there just for small business. 

If you want to learn more about Seed Grants and Corporate Sponsorship plus learn where they are located, then I highly suggest you purchase the Funding guide in the Gamechanger Deluxe Resources Guide. 

Think about preparing your business for the Holiday sales. Do you have the cashflow to fund the event, product or service you want to provide on a mass scale? 

If not, get the Funding guide to help you map out your funding action plan. 

Funding your business can seem overwhelming, however, if you have a plan, create a calendar to meet deadlines and know where to locate the money then you’ll one step ahead of so many other people. 


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