Eyes Wide Open!

Keep your eyes on the ball

I spent my entire youth playing and loving softball. Keep your eyes on the ball is one of the most important skills in the game. You need that skill on both offense and defense. Try hitting the ball if you’re not looking at it.  Your trip up to bat is a sure out. I was a catcher for most of the years I played the game. I most definitely needed to keep my eyes on the ball if I wanted to have any chance of not allowing runners to advance to the scoring detriment of my team. My most disadvantageous circumstance of keeping my eyes on the ball is when you have to cover the plate to prevent the runner from easy access to score. You have to wait on the ball coming in from your teammate. A collision is a near certainty, but the catcher doesn’t always see it coming because if you dare take your eyes or even your peripheral, off of the ball, the runner is sure to score. In that circumstance, catch the ball and deal with the consequence later. Later can be a split second after catching the ball or a split second before the ball reaches you. But whatever you do, hold on to that ball!

I have spent my entire adulthood raising my children. That includes guiding their choices and dispositions toward being the finest individuals they can be. I learned early on to back away from deciding their career choices for them. So, I settled for the admonition my mother gave me, whatever you’re going to be, be the best. If you’re going to be a ditch digger, then you’d better be the best ditch digger they’ve ever seen. I also decided to overwhelm them with opportunities. If I had an extra dollar, I’d think, there must be a team they could play on that only costs $1. All the while, my eyes taking deadly aim on my job as their mother. I have been blessed with many different jobs that have taken me far and wide, even across the world to teach in another country and culture. But, it all pales in comparison to the one job my eyes will forever water at the pride of having had all of my adult life, being the mother of three totally diverse individuals.

2016 is coming to a close and my eyes are wide open with opportunities to be used to continue to feature Gamechangers in 2017. I welcome the opportunity to find pearls in the most obscure places and circumstances. That means I have to be looking.  Just as I kept my eyes on that softball and on those children of mine growing up, I need to keep my eyes on the possibilities that a new year brings. But, let me not lose sight of what I can do to affect change in my own life this last month of the year. Eyes wide open, it’s time to see what is actually right in front of you.