Clarity of thought

Clarity is my theme for 2017. I want to be clear in thought and deed.  Spontaneity has been my modus operandi for the majority of my life. I always liked that trait in me, until I began to reflect on why my deepest desires seem so attainable yet so elusive?  I remember as a child. and then into young adulthood, being told over and over to think it through. It wasn’t until well into adulthood that I began to think it through in earnest. Learning facts and processes came so easy I didn’t really believe I needed to apply that principle.

I have since learned that my thoughts are building blocks for charting a direct path to the deepest desires of my heart.  Just as following a recipe or a set of blueprints guarantees success in the effort to bake a cake or to erect a building, putting together a continuum of thoughts all based on accomplishing a desired goal can lead to success in life. A stated purpose in life is our rubric for life, our blueprint to be our best. You may be great at what you do but are you your best you? I wan’t clarity this year to be my best me.

As 2017 takes focus, I want my mind to be clear. That’s more important to me now more than ever. I have more days behind me than I have in front of me. The greatest asset God endowed me with is my mind. I seek clarity of mind to slow walk this period of my life. I just want to enjoy every minute. My mind drives my creativity and imagination. When my thoughts aren’t clear, I can’t create. That’s what gives me purpose. I love to create opportunities to talk. to help people, to even still at times be spontaneous.