Catch Me If You Can

Catch me if you can is not just the name of a movie title. It’s also how I plan to move in my third year of business. It’s past time I stop playing games and focus on doing what I am most passionate about. So this post will help keep me accountable. I put it out there that my business is my main priority.

pssss…Don’t ask for hook ups because that’s not how real entrepreneurs roll. And neither do I.

Was that harsh? Well I just need to put it out there I run a business. So in order for me to pay my bills and support other women’s business ventures I will get paid for services and events I provide.

Right now is a little hectic. I am gearing up to finish Fusion Tour, rolling out a new virtual program, have won or been nominated for a few awards and have been asked to speak at one of the biggest conference for women. So see what WAGC has coming up in the next few months. Determination is how I am kicking off year 3. 

Awards/ Recognition 

I am beyond grateful and honored to have been awarded or nominated for several awards recently. Most people dislike awards until they don’t see their name on the list. I on the other hand, see awards as a way to say people value the work I share with the world. It’s a pleasure to get a pat on the back for my hard work. I do not take it lightly either. Any award that I win or am nominated for I ensure that I have truly earned the prestige that comes with it.

Here are the awards I have the pleasure of being associated with recently:

  • 2013 Amazing Woman of the Year- Stiletto Woman (one of the women chosen)
  • 2013 Best Work From Home Award- Girl on Fire Awards (nominee)
  • 2014 Best Business Blog- Black Weblog Awards (currently you can vote for me; nominated- winners announced November 2)
  • Featured in the Capital One Spark Spotlight Series

capital one spark spotlight series


We all know I preach about the importance of attending events to make connections. Whether that event is online or in person, they are the best places to associate yourself with like minded people. This weekend I have the pleasure of volunteering at Blog Elevated here in Houston. I love volunteering at other events for several reasons. That’s a blog post for next week. So come back for that.

After Blog Elevated, I am hitting the road to finish up Fusion Tour. I’m so excited to finally get on the road to meet more of you in person. You still have time to get your tickets. These cities will sell out:  Charlotte, Montgomery, D.C and Philadelphia. Catch up on what Fusion Tour is all about, what you missed and what to expect.


I finally figured out how I can continue to help you past Fusion Tour. You can always “pick my brain.” And no it’s not for free. You can get audio clips or ebooks to help you use networking and social media to get your business on a solid foundation. I have spent thousands of dollars acquiring this information and I am sharing with your for a fraction of the cost. I can no longer give away all that I learned but I can help you by making it an investment you don’t have to think twice about.


What I’m most excited about is the fact I went from volunteer and being on the social media street team to being asked to speak at the Texas Conference for Women in November in just one year. I’m beyond thrilled. I get to lead several roundtable discussions on “Marketing Your Blog.” They felt I would be a great fit for that. I am up for the challenge of sharing with thousands of women how to do just that.

Catch Me If You Can

I challenge you to catch me if you can. I do not want to be on this journey alone. I want all of you with me. But you can only be on this journey if you’re ready to put in the work and make YOUR business a priority.