Busyness Creates Envy Productivity Creates Profits

Many times we think being busy is great. It seems as if our day was full. But was it filled with anything that will move you forward? I’m not asking to bash you if that’s not the case. Hey, I’ve been busy being busy more times that I should have been. But I thought that would make me look better, make more money or feel as if I did something for the day. All I needed up with was frustration and envy.


Yep, envy.

I was envious when I saw other people doing better than me. I admit it. I do still celebrate their success. But, I couldn’t figure out how they seemed to be doing better than I was.

Then it hit me.

They were focused on their purpose. They didn’t deviate or make drastic changes like I have done. They hustled harder. Meaning, they kept going until they got a ‘yes.’ And most importantly, they had a plan for every single day.

Well, there you have it. Now we can all get rich.

Not so fast. Most of us allow one bad, unproductive day to dampen quite a few days after that could have been more productive than the day before.

So how can we curb unproductive days?

Watch the video below.