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Blogging While Brown 2015 #BWBATX Recap

I finally attended Blogging While Brown {insert: YAY!!!}. Now I’ve attended the Black Social Media Summit in both Austin and Houston as well as attended the Black Weblog Awards (2x past winner). So I knew Gina created informative and engaging events.

I thought since it was in Austin this year I really had NO excuse not to attend. It’s like a 2 hour drive from Houston. Well, on the way we stopped at Buc-ee’s (my first time) to “experience’ a Texas Tradition.


That evening I co-hosted a meetup to kick off the conference with a member of the Houston African American Bloggers group, Markita. We had a great time. I realized I was the only blog conference veteran in the group. But I was happy to meet bloggers from around the country. And my Twitter friend Ms. Donna who I finally met in person.  

🙌 Great time this weekend @bwbconference met some amazing people, learned so much and had a great time in the process!! ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #wagc #womenaregamechangers #wagcSTORY #bwbatx #houstonblogger #texasblogger #successfulwomen #blackwomen #austinblogger #dallasblogger #blogging #learning #growth #growing #leadership #thriving #business #education #podcasting #blackbloggers #austin #socialmediaconference #awesome #greatpeople #blogconference #socialmedia #bloggingwhilebrown Catch up with more of the news on #twitter and #facebook 😄 A photo posted by Women Are Gamechangers (@womenaregamechangers) on


Enjoying this weekend at the Blogging While Brown Conference! @markitasamuel 😊 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #wagc #womenaregamechangers #wagcSTORY #bwbatx #houstonblogger #texasblogger #successfulwomen #blackwomen #austinblogger #dallasblogger #blogging #learning #growth #growing #leadership #thriving #business #education #podcasting #blackbloggers #austin #socialmediaconference #blogconference #bloggingwhilebrown

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Now back to what I learned at the conference. Before I get there do you attend conferences with a plan? You should. I always do. So when I learned NBC blk would be there my plan completely changed. My focus now was to learn how WAGC could partner with them. A new game plan was hatched. I’ll get to that later (keep reading).

If you follow us, you know we grow, change and adapt every single year. We refuse to allow our blog business to become stagnant. With change comes the opportunity to learn new things that will better serve our audience.

Houston African American Bloggers Group

Member of the Houston African American Bloggers group (Day 1 of BWB)

Houston African American Bloggers Group

Member of the Houston African American Bloggers group (Day 2 of BWB)

Who is our audience?

Women entrepreneurs who run their business (original idea) from home. NOT women who work for someone else from home. Two different audiences.

Now that we have that straight, here’s what I learned at Blogging While Brown to better serve our audience:

  1. How to develop an online course                                                                                       {HINT:  we may be working on something so join our Twitter chat series Mondays from June 29 to July 27 at 7p CST #wagccert} My takeaway from this session was more of the technical aspect of putting a course together. Learn more about Jennifer.
  2. Video is important now more than ever                                                                            WAGC did have a YouTube channel with lots of great content based videos. I deleted that channel. Not a smart move. I know, I know. How many business lessons can I learn? Obviously a lot. Anyway. video did help to put us in front of a larger audience. Plus our expertise was showcased. Now we also used Google Hangouts to promote Fusion Tour. That was extremely beneficial. Most sessions at the conference pretty much stated video (any social media platform) is an advantage. And I learned some editing techniques from Chip Dizard. That was a great session.
  3. The Cubicle Chick and Jacque Reid both shared how to get on TV or the radio  Everyone wants to be on those mediums but what do you have to say? Yea, that’s important. Does your story fit what that media outlet is looking for? Both ladies were extremely generous with the information they shared. I will give you this tip:                                                                                                                                                  Get out there and make connections with people in the media. Develop those relationships.
  4. Traffic, Sales, Profit                                                                                                          workshop by Lamar Tyler was just the informed motivation I needed to kick it into high gear. Essentially I have to stop waiting for luck to come my way and make things happen today. From both of his sessions I felt recharged and ready to make WAGC what I know it should be. I would also suggest you join his Facebook group. One of the best ones I’m in.
  5. NBC Blk was my target that weekend. I came with the primary focus to work with them. I was sitting at a table when Ryan Williams sat next to me. We chatted. I knew who he was but tried to play it cool. The next day Amy Payne the editor spoke. I paid close attention. She played a video and I immediately knew what to pitch. So I’m working on that. Taking a chance instead of waiting for the chance.

I really felt my investment going to the BWB conference and spending an extended weekend in Austin was worth its weight in gold. And the bonus. I finally met Jamie of Black Girl Nerds. Yes, I have my own blogging celebrities I admire.


If anything you takeaway from this post know that no matter what industry you are in, attending at least 1 conference in your industry is an investment you must make.