Begin Again

As I write my present and plan my future, I contemplate my past

As I begin to pursue a fulfilled 2016, it may benefit me to know what I want, to begin again, as I journey through. Is this what retirement should be about? Is this what a new job or a new career can afford me? Does a new year give me that opportunity? Maybe.

But if I really could begin again, would I do things differently? What would I change, what would I do exactly the same?

I encourage you to begin to reflect on how you want to see your life. Redirection is a skill we can all incorporate. Contemplate the changes you can make. Change is progress.

As I write my present and plan my future, I contemplate my past. If I could rewrite any of it, my marriage would be a complete redo!

One cold morning in the early 90s on a city bus, I took inventory of exactly what I would do differently. Right in the middle of experiencing difficulty, I wrote about the change I desired. Hoping one day to get a do-over, I wrote about it.



          I’m already thinking about remarriage.

          I’m thinking about a brand new day.

          A new way of life, with a man

         Who understands my worth.

          Not focused on my liabilities in times of contention.

          Not to mention companionship and

          Conversation on a continuous, not intermittent basis.

          That is to say, I’m looking for a

         Relationship of caring and sharing like concerns.

          Able to discern love from obligation.

         Feeling elated over a gesture from the heart.

          I no longer want to be a part of a money exchange.

          I want a wide range of opportunities,

          Expectations and appointments kept.

          And when it comes to slept, I don’t want

         To wake up six out of seven mornings alone.