A Healthy Relationship is the ONLY Relationship

Last week’s post Society is Wedding Obsessed Instead of Marriage Obsessed created a lot of buzz and I wanted to continue the discussion on relationships ie a healthy relationship. A healthy relationship is the ONLY relationship.

First no relationship will survive unless you have a healthy relationship with yourself. Robert Holden said it best, “Self-acceptance starts with the awareness that you are whole, inanely good; lovable just as you are; and endowed with God-given talents and qualities to share with the world.” So why are you beating yourself up to follow all of these relationship columns and advice that tell you how to get a man, how to dress for a man, how to keep a man, etc? You don’t need all of that. Each person is different, thus each relationship will be different. You must do what you feel is the best for you as long as it is healthy.

But one thing that you must know is that a healthy relationship does not involve you getting hurt verbally, physically, emotionally by the other person or you acting that way towards the other person. This includes family, friends, co-workers, etc. Relationships are not just between a husband and wife or girlfriend and boyfriend. Relationships are the connection and bond that you share with another person. A healthy relationship entails both give and take by both people in the relationship. It may not be 50/50 but if you are receiving what you need and deserve from the other person and giving them what they need and deserve, then the relationship is healthy between the two of you. Oprah said it best, “Love does NOT hurt.”

A healthy relationship is not a rushed relationship either. You can not assume that knowing someone for a short while will give you all the insight you need. A relationship is a growth that takes place over time between two people. You can ask any couple that has been together for years, relationships take work, patience and open communication. You can’t just give up when things don’t go your way or the way you thought it should go. It is important to understand that a healthy relationship is something that is worked on between two people on a continual, lasting basis.

I want to leave you with this. Consuming relationship advice from multiple sources can cause you to be overwhelmed and confused when you are in a relationship and about relationships. Trust your head and not your hurt because love can be blind and having blinders can cause you to enter or stay in an unhealthy relationship. Being able to be completely honest and trusting of the other person continually growing the relationship over time and being honest with the other person yourself will foster a healthy relationship.

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    • http://www.womenaregamechangers.com womenar4

      Healthy relationships still exist but many people do not take the time to cultivate them. As a society we are no longer teaching what that means and how we should act towards each other in a relationship.