$70,000 up for grabs

Earlier this month we talked about funding your business. I’ve shared with you the importance of creating a calendar for pitch and seed grant competitions. Now I want to know how many of you executed that?

We hear it all the time OPM or other people’s money. What does this mean? It means clearly that you can go further if you’re using other people’s money to fund your business. Why?

It frees you up from the stress of having to worry or figure out how to pay your personal and business bills off one funding source. If you have money that is specifically for the start, growth or expansion of your business you are free to keep your business moving forward.

As a past winner of a seed grant, I know first-hand how $2,000 can make a huge difference in your business. It allowed me to create a tour that wasn’t in existence before. It solidified me as an authority in the networking event world. It was a great way for me to learn aspects of business I would not have learned just sitting at home behind a computer screen.

November 2 is the deadline for a $70,000  business plan competition through the Small Business Administration. For our region, this round is hosted by PeopleFund. Yep, the same organization that I won my seed grant through. I want you to think BIG. Think nationally or globally. Can women benefit from what your business offers? If so, apply NOW.

Take a pause. Are you ready to handle that type of money in your business? You may need it but can you handle it? This is where I want to help you.November 14 I am part of a collaborative business partnership where we will teach you what to do to create your business into a powerhouse. I want to see you there. I want to help you build your platform and presence so that $70,000 can go a lot further than you can imagine.

Gamechangers are meant to do something special in the world. Let me help you bring that to reality.