10 Ways To Maximize Periscope For Your Blog or Business

If you’re trying to figure out how to incorporate Periscope into your marketing strategy, here area 10 ways to maximize Periscope for you to consider. There are so many ways but these 10 will help to get you started.

1.Introduce Yourself: Let people get to know you. Give them a peak of the brain behind the brand.

2.LIVE Q & A: Showcase your expertise by answering questions from your scopers.

3. Focus Group: Share your idea, product or service to get immediate feedback. You can make this particular scope private and invite specific people if you choose.

4. Public Coaching Calls: Let people see how you coach a client so they can determine if they want to work with you or not.

5. Create Your Own Show on Periscope: Create something unique that showcases you as a thought leader in your industry/niche.

6. Webinar: If it’s short host a webinar to get people interested in your paid programs, services or longer webinar. Give them a little taste to see if they bite.

7. Behind The Scenes: This is perfect if you have a product based business or a physical location for your business. This gives customers or clients a behind the scenes look into how you run your business or what you are creating for them.

8. Practice Speaking: If you want to speak more, then speak more and in front of an audience. You will receive immediate feedback so that will help you get better on certain weaknesses you may have.

9. Periscope Pass:  When you and a group of people use the same hashtag to promote one or all of your businesses within the same timeframe. Great way to show collaboration or introduce your audience to some of your joint ventures.

10. Broadcast from an Event: This is a great way to give people insight into an event you host or attend. Interview other attendees, speakers, etc. Or let your audience know what you thought about that event.

I actually did #10 for you. Take a peak into what happened at the Walker’s Legacy event here in Houston.


There are more ways you can use Periscope. Just know that finding what works for you and your audience will deliver bigger gains in this platform as a marketing tool for your business. Follow us as we scope every single day in the month of August.

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